Chief Sull

Appearing to be a cross between a humanoid rat and toad, this descendant is surprisingly eloquent.


Chief Sull’s appearance is quite unfortunate, cursed in birth to mongrel men parents, descendants of the abyssal afflicted crusaders who returned from the 1st Crusade.

However, he is well-spoken and seeming quite educated about both the under caverns of Kenabres as well as the city above.


Chief Sull is the leader of one of the many mongrel men (Descendants) tribes in the lower caverns of Kenabres. Unlike some of the other clans who have fallen into feralness and demon worship, Sull and his tribe hold true to the code of their ancestors and seek to banish the demons from Kenabres.

He has pledged his aid to the survivors above and will rise from the under caverns with allies to help take back Kenabres.

Chief Sull

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