Ekira Corum

A short, mail clad human woman with a blonde bob-cut and piercing stare.


Ekira is a fit, young woman whose single minded devotion to her calling has aged her beyond her years. Clad in brightly polished half-plate, the woman still stands only a few inches above 5’. Her grey eyes stare out from freckled face which is capped by a bob of straw blonde hair. She is never without a tabard or other religious trappings of Iomedae.


Ekira Cullom is the skilled apprentice of Lord Tysus of the Searing Flame, an inquisitor in the church of Iomedae. A zealot and passionate supporter of the witch hunts he was won of the first to fall from grace due to Staunton Vhane’s promises of dark power.

Ekira was broken by such a betrayal and believes that her master did not succumb willingly to such a dishonorable fall and believes that he was mentally poisoned or influenced by witches in the service of the abyss. She will not give up on her non-church backed crusade to find those responsible.

She recently was stopped from pressing a woman to death by newcomers to the city and in front of her men, was shown to be ignorant as the woman was innocent and that one of her men was corrupted. She did not seem to take the embarrassment well and took note of the names of the interfering elves and human.

Ekira Corum

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