Horgus Gwerm

Clad in the finest clothes and jewels, this silver haired man regards you with a sneer


An aging and slightly overweight noble who speaks with constant condescension in his voice. His clothes are always of the highest quality and has numerous pieces of expensive jewelry on his hands and clothes.


Current knowledge

  • Is a noble of Mendev and owns a large manor in Kenabres.
  • Is a known money lender, investor and trader in the city and very shrewd in his dealings.
  • Was implemented in an investigation of corrupt nobles and clergy based on allegations from Aravashnial. He was spied upon and had his house broken into and searched by Anevia Tirabade. He was cleared of any wrong doing.
  • Has invested a lot money into the crusade and took great offence to Alaenora Thalanis’s remark that his money went to funding traitors in the crusaders ranks.
  • Helped kill his first demon with Ralthanar in the ruins beneath the city. It was a lowly dretch.

Horgus Gwerm

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