Nyissa Veil

An ambitious elven arcanist with an icy disposition and a barbed tongue.


Presuming that the fragility of this pale elven woman equates to weakness is your first mistake. The second is to anger her. Your third and perhaps last is to linger once exposed to her wrath.

Tall and lithe, dark of hair – and sometimes of mind – Nyissa does not walk, but rather saunters with an inherent air of self-assurance that borders hubris, and a gaze and tongue alike that can inflict mortal wounds. With a distaste for common company, she cultivates a disposition so icy that fire elementals turn to steam mephits and Winter Witches suffer frostbite in her wake.

Once voted as ‘Most Likely to Take Over the World’ and ‘Best Evil Laugh’.


Few people are as consumed by the pursuit of power as the Chelaxian arcanist Lady Veil, and those who are often walk a tenuous line between ambition and evil. For Nyissa, that line is typically of small consequence, crossing it as easily as a shrike might flit from a branch and back again.

Her will is instead bent towards things of a greater scope; the interminable contest between Order and Chaos, law and anarchy, civilization and barbarity. Forces of such great magnitude that they define entire countries, continents and worlds. As a disciple of Order, she is set upon its supremacy over Chaos for the betterment of all, regardless of the cost. Lesser minds might refer to this as the ‘greater good’, but Nyissa would sneer at the notion.

With a penchant for manipulation, a tendency towards the abrasive and all the warmth of a glacier, Nyissa is the convergence of her adopted nation of Cheliax and her driven father Tyranis Veilenshallar. His appetite for wealth lead to the establishment of The West Avistan Trading Company, an enterprise with a powerful foothold upon the continent. At a very young age it taught Nyissa the significance of wealth and the power it affords.

As an elven child in a country populated predominantly with humans, Nyissa grew towards adulthood over long decades and time and again bore witness to her childhood friends accelerate from infancy to maturity at a jarring pace. She quickly learned to eschew companionship to avoid attachment and the inevitable loss that ensued. She sequestered herself within her family’s library and focused instead on learning and honed her mind to an edge so sharp it almost rivalled her tongue.

When Nyissa’s affinity for the arcane was discovered, she began to devour knowledge of spellcraft with a voracious appetite. At her behest, Tyranis filled the family library with esoteric tomes and employed renowned magi to gift their teachings upon his daughter. Enchanters, conjurers, necromancers, illusionists, elementalists and even a sorcerer weathered their caustic student to the best of their abilities while she siphoned their hard earned knowledge in the search of power for power’s sake.

It was only when Tyranis was abruptly stolen from his family and imprisoned by the ruler of Cheliax, Her Infernal Majestrix Queen Abrogail II, that Nyissa found a cause that she could channel her power towards. It began with a scheme for pure vengeance, childish at heart, with no bedrock to form a solid foundation. But slowly the idea came to form of a Chelaxian Empire, inspired by the former glories achieved by the nation in centuries past, but encompassing all of Avistan in a supreme civilization governed by exquisite Law.

Abrogail would be deposed, of course, but rather than occupying the position of capstone in her delicious strategy, it would instead serve as a stepping stone on a path to greater glory. However, lying far to the north lay a matter of the most immediate concern, it’s neglect by the Queen yet another testament to her failure as ruler. The Worldwound was a scourge of the darkest kind, a demonic horde seeping through a rent in the material plane; Chaos incarnate. Anathema as their presence was to Nyissa, and indeed all of Golarion, this threat would need to be crushed and the cancer purged as utmost priority.

It would serve as a trial, a test of her mettle before commencing an even bolder course, one that could alter the face of Golarion – for better or worse.

Nyissa Veil

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