Quednys Orlun

And aging, hard face man with a stylized eagle's talon on his cheek.


Always impeccably dressed in a black military jacket and regalia, Quednys cuts an intimidating figure despite his age. His face is creased with dozens of lines though the black tattoo of an eagle talon has not faded in the least and sits in start contrast to his stark white hair.

Despite being a mage and scholar, Quednys is quite fit and still has a lean, muscular build despite his advanced age.


Founder and head librarian of Blackwing, Quednys was at the Cathedral when the attack began, and was instrumental in saving several citizens from certain death. He suffered a nearly fatal wound in doing so, but survived after he was brought to Defender’s Heart and healed. Since then, Quednys has helped keep order in the inn. He believes that Blackwing was completely destroyed, and is haunted by this fact.

Quednys Orlun

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