Youthful but already aged by bearing witness to a demon invasion, this brown haired young man is quiet and introverted but fiercely religious. Despite only seeing 16 summers, Tarric is already adult like in his physique, years of being a squire and trainee has given him advanced sword skill.


Tarric is only 16 but has spent a majority of that in the church of Sarenrae. One of the lucky war orphans to be tested and chosen to be a future soldier in Sarenrae’s army, he has consistently proven himself to be much more.

Having finished is soldier training, he has extended his status of squire in the service of the elven paladin, Alaenora Thalanis in the hopes of one day achieving the title of paladin himself.

Despite the small age difference, he has been spotted taking an interest in Sera, Nyissa Veil’s apprentice. She seems bemused by the attention but has yet to drive him off.


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