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Locations of Note

Citadel Drezen

Ralthonar’s Tavern

Nyissa’s Trading House

Alaenora’s Temple of Sarenrae

Spires of the Heavens

A large, multi-denominational temple that sits on a raised platform in eastern Paradise Hill. While sparse in decoration and a functional shape over form, it has quickly become a busy and safe place for the citizens of Drezen.


Founded in 4628 ar by the crusaders to establish a lasting foothold in demon-controlled territory, the war-hardened city of Drezen was engineered by talented dwarven crusaders. These dwarves carved the central citadel from a massive, granite plateau, using a style reminiscent of their ancient Sky Citadels, but the city fell before many upper stories or lower levels could be added. As work on Citadel Drezen commenced, greater numbers of stonemasons and architects toiled on the surrounding lands, and it didn’t take long before the city could house tens of thousands of crusaders and the many artisans, laborers, and other supporters of the war effort. River traffic and supply lines from Mendev continued to bring a steady influx of soldiers, even as two massive cemeteries were established to bury those they replaced.

Unfortunately, Citadel Drezen fell to treachery in 4638 and the Sword of Valor, a mighty artifact of the crusade, was lost. Now, cultists devoted to Deskari and Baphomet control the ruins as well as the city’s formidable stronghold—their fires light the city’s battlements, the nearby spawning grounds, and the mountain pass where valuable prisoners are taken deeper into the Worldwound for sacrifice or worse. The Abyssal influence on the surrounding terrain has also dried up the tributary of the Sellen River running through the city, creating a wide gulf separating its once-green banks. These cliffs contain several caves and aeries for gargoyles, harpies, and flying demons, all of whom delight in harassing the many slaves and prisoners who make up at least half the city’s population. Soldiers and mercenaries constitute the bulk of Drezen’s inhabitants, frequently patrolling the streets and eastern approaches before reporting back to the cult leaders and their demonic masters.



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