Iomedae_Paladin_Code.jpgBorn as a mortal in Cheliax, Iomedae is the youngest of the gods. She served first as a warrior leading the Knights of Ozem against the Whispering Tyrant, and later ascended to godhood by passing the Test of the Starstone, when she was chosen by Aroden as his new herald following the death of Arazni. When Aroden himself died, Iomedae inherited most of his followers and the bulk of his church, tilting them toward valor, justice, and honor. She is a missionary and crusader, and is crucial to overcoming the evil tide that is sweeping across Golarion.


To follow Iomedae is to tolerate neither chaos nor evil, and to vow to stamp them out wherever they arise. Her faithful travel the world to find uprisings of evil, and are willing and able to serve and to lead; they have forthright
attitudes and have no patience for lying, fraud, or deceit. They believe in discipline tempered with love and respect, and still prefer the word over the sword, though they recognize that situations exist where the sword is the only answer.


Iomedae’s Herald

Clad in golden armour and a featureless helm, the Hand of the Inheritor is the most active divine herald in Golarion. Often seen at the forefront of a charge into the demonic armies, his courage, battle skill and powerful voice reciting the words of Iomedae has boosted the morale of the crusaders for decades, often being the difference in battle.



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