Kronug's Anchor


A fist-sized chunk of stone roughly carved into a fertility goddess shape but with an iron bear’s head.


Kronug_s_Anchor.pngThis ancient carving throws back to the time before Sarkoris was settled by the roving Kellid clans. Crafted by the great druids of the Forest of Stone, this was used by the first Heirophant of Gozrah to traverse the ancient paths and emerge into an ancient shrine to both Gozreh and Gorum. He returned with the first divine blessing of their gods.

Since then, it was used by Kellid champions, divine and martial, to find and walk the ancient paths to receive direct guidence and blessing of these ancient powers. It was lost however, in the great destruction of Sarkoris and the in the opening of the Worldwound. Since then, no Kellid has been able to take the ancient tradition of leaders and stamp their authority on the remaining tribes.

It has recently been found, deep in the lands of the Worldwound, where the Triumvirate of Hope pushed deep into enemy territory to rescue dozens of captured crusaders. Discarded in a deep, dark tunnel infested with demon-spawn, Fru Brynhild Eirensdottir‘s holy flames revealed it’s presence as they simultaneously immolated the unholy terrors.

She has brought it with her to Kenabres, for during the celebrations of Armasse, she intends to hand it back to the Kellid people.


With the apparent death of Fru Brynhild Eirensdottir at the Kite, the whereabouts of the artefact is currently unknown, a devastating prospect for the proud kellid tribes.

Kronug's Anchor

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