Lord of the Wilds

A Visitation

Fasha Whitemane sends a message to you to meet her out in the wilds of the Worldwound.

The wild-eyed kellid woman greets you in a small canyon where several goat paths run up and down the treacherous cliffs. With nothing more than a smile, she turns and sprints up one of the narrow paths and disappears into a small crack in the canyon wall, soft light suddenly emanating from the dark cave. An ancient kellid battle song soon floats down, Fasha’s husky voice strong and reverent.

Do you follow?

Of course – All of my people are special and the songs of my people are also my history.

Heading in, you find the walls are covered in ancient Kellid scrawl and symbolism and quite quickly you realise it is a memory cave. Most kellid history is spoken, but in rare instances, sacred sites were chosen to record a specific tale of their history, something of great importance. They were also heavily trapped and designed to lure the unworthy into deadly, inescapable situations.

As Fasha continues her long saga of the 1st Age of Sarkoris, various runes glow with a soft, pale yellow light, leading off into one of many narrow passages that fork out from the entrance. She nods to you to lead her down the lit passageway, her mighty, black headed axe swinging loose from her back.

As you traverse down the dim, narrow passage, twisting and turning as you follow the glow, the very stones reacting to Fasha’s song, you start to notice the many archaic symbols of Gozreh, Lord of Nature and Gorum, Our Lord in Iron. As you read them and tune into her song, you realise that you are walking the ancient path of the 1st Heirophant, the powerful druid who discovered the path to land of gods and received the first kellid blessing from these beings of Myth.

Finally, after bypassing dozens of side passages and most likely doom, the two of you emerge into a great cavern, green and verdant, heat from a nearby volcanic spring rising to a sliver of light that cuts down through the stone roof hundreds of feet above. A great wall of twisting petrified vines blocks your way to the greater chamber. Stepping forth, Fasha sweeps the battleaxe that sits across her bare shoulders around into a great arc and then down into the wall. It bites deep and vines smash apart and splinter but before her swing is even complete, they cross and bind back together and a powerful blast of energy is expelled out, sending her sliding along the ground.

Standing, a knowing smile on her face, she nods for you to attempt. Again, the wall crumbles under the onslaught, the power of your swing cutting a huge swath through the center. Fasha’s smile widens, but disappears when the wall again heals and sends you flying back in retribution. A genuine look of surprise appears on her face and as the two of you dust yourselves off, the sounds of dozens of creatures can be heard scrambling down from the passages behind, attracted by you presence.

“Again” she commands as she turns to the tunnel entrance, her axe ready “I am not wrong, do it again, it has been shown to me that you are worthy”.

What do you do? You swung with all your strength the first time and it still resisted. What else do you try or attempt?

I roar out to Gorum and enter a rage, using the mystical power bestowed upon me and strike again.

Letting go, you relax your body for an instant, the primal nature of the land flowing into you like a roaring river, filling you up before pouring forth in white hot rage. More then just the frenzy many of your countrymen summon, you draw from the very land that your ancestors walked, creating a link to the age of myth and you its vessel.

Your greataxe arcs high as you vaguely hear the sounds of combat behind you as Fasha screams out a battle cry and engages the cursed dead of the unworthy that walked these halls before. The stone vines practically turn to dust under the power of your swing and as you watch, a chain reaction rips through the entire wall, the vines disintegrating outward until the entire structure is no more.

Stepping out in the ancient site, you feel a great presence, but not one of your people. It is old and malignant, something that has festered in this holy site. Hunched over on bent knee, an immense grey skinned giant looks nothing more than a worn and old statue. But as you step forth, creaking and groans dispel that illusion and with slow, deliberate movements, it stands to its full 20’ height, a stone club half that size hanging loosely in its hand. It is a Stone Giant, the first favoured of Gorum and Gozreh but long discarded for the race of humans. Buried in his wide, cracked chest seems to be the head of a stone greataxe, and as you near, a symbol of Gorum flickers upon it as it reacts to your raging mien.
You may describe the battle, how you fight and what abilities and powers you use to defeat the Last Giant of Sarkoris.

Lord of the Wilds

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