A tall, lean elven man with long silverey white hair and formally light blue eyes. With the terrible injury he took from the whip of Khorramzadeh, his eyes have been destroyed and his proud head hangs low in shame.


Known background.

  • A member of the arcane society, the Riftwardens.
  • Very vocal about the Riftwardens joining the crusade to drive back the demons instead of just studying the portals for knowledge sake.
  • Proud of his knowledge and keen intellect and revels in being able to enlighten anyone around him if given half a chance.
  • Despite his arrogance he gives over to an almost childlike wonderment when he discovers something new or something that proves one of his many (conspiracy) theories correct.
  • Put together a report for the Eagle Watch of people he suspected of funding hostile cults in the city. In his report, he mentioned Horgus Gwerm but it was based on a hunch rather than proof and was ultimately proven as false. He feels some shame about the incident.
  • Was originally from Kyonin


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