Count Magnus Darcarus


Count Magnus is one of the three known as the Triumvirate of Hope and is a veteran of the crusades. Also a paladin of Iomedae like Lady Aspexia, he is more of a strategist and commander and leads personal armies into the fray while his two allies and friends run loose, acting where they are needed and overseeing smaller strike teams. For this, he is known as the Sculptor of War.

Count Magnus is from Mendev and distantly related to Queen Galfrey but are much closer than their lineage would generally allow. As a master tactician and brilliant commander, he has often taken control of the crusades armies to allow the Queen to attend the ruler ship of the country.

Like many, he hopes that the 5th crusade will be the last and that they will finally secure victory over the demonic blight. It is well rumoured that he will receive an immense amount of lands upon retirement and leadership of Mendev’s capitol, to be the Queen’s Hand. His family, a wife and 7 children will all be elevated in their noble standing as well.



Count Magnus Darcarus

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