Fru Brynhild Eirensdottir


As one of the Triumvirate of Hope, Fru (Lady) Brynhilde represents the honour and prowess of the Ulfen people in the crusade. An Oracle of Sarenrae, Brynhilde is often referred to as the Shining Valkyrie for the flaming golden wings that adorn her back.

She carries the fervour of the crusade, for while her colleagues lead on the battlefield, it is Brynhilde’s zeal that invokes the heart of the crusaders that charge into ever increasing hordes of demons. Fearless and wielding powerful magic of her goddess, she is often seen swooping over the battlefield, scorching demons with holy fire or suddenly healing scores of allies who are struggling under the onslaught. Of the three, she is the one most liked, for while all three are revered, she can often be found among the men afterwards, drinking, story telling and celebrating those who have fallen.


Fru Brynhild Eirensdottir

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