A severe and commanding figure who appears to stare straight through you.


The city’s famed prelate, Hulrun Shappok, first gained the trust and admiration of Kenabres’ citizens by organizing inquisitions against suspected demon-worshipers and witches. Hulrun and his force of elite witch hunters exposed dozens of cultists and spies—and, it is said, executed many more under suspicion but with no real proof. These events started the Third Crusade—widely accepted as the least effective and most self-destructive of the four crusades. Still, Hulrun roused respect and admiration in the populace as well as fear, and he agreed to guide the city as its prelate in 4682.

Though Hulrun was forced to temper his obsessive witch hunts somewhat in his position as prelate, his inner zeal has only recently begun to truly diminish. Looking back on his actions has left him struggling with shame over how these events cast a shadow over Iomedae’s church and the crusades for decades to come.



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