Allied Armies

Knights of Kenabres

LG Medium army of human (taldan) (Paladin 4)
hp 16; ACR 3; Morale +7
DV 19; OM +7, ranged
Tactics Cavalry Experts, Expert Flankers, False Retreat (1/battle), Siegebreaker, Sniper Support, Spellbreaker, Taunt (DC 13)
Resources Healing Potions (2/battle), Improved Armor: Magical, Improved Weapons: Masterwork, Mounts: Heavy Horse, Ranged Weapons
Special Aura of Courage, Channel Positive Energy, Divine Health, Lay on Hands, Mercy, Smite Evil (1/battle), Spellcasting (1st Level)
Speed 3 Hex; Consumption 6 BP

Charisma Modifier 5
Leadership 0
Profession (soldier) ranks 8
Commander Boons: Bonus Tactic: Expert Flankers, Bonus Tactic: False Retreat, Bonus Tactic: Sniper Support, Bonus Tactic: Taunt, Triage (1/battle)

Aura of Courage Immune to fear effects and never routs.
Bonus Tactic: Expert Flankers You gain the listed tactic.
Bonus Tactic: False Retreat You gain the listed tactic.
Bonus Tactic: Sniper Support You gain the listed tactic.
Bonus Tactic: Taunt You gain the listed tactic.
Cavalry Experts When mounted, 2 to OM vs non-mounted.
Channel Positive Energy +1d4 dam vs undead army, or heal ACR Hp on self by taking OM penalty.
Divine Health Immune to disease.
Expert Flankers +2 to OM, -2 to DV.
False Retreat (1/battle) No offense check, then +6 OM and DV next phase.
Healing Potions (2/battle) No offense check, but heal ACR x 2 dam and +3 consumption for 1 week.
Improved Armor: Magical +2 to DV and consumption.
Improved Weapons: Masterwork +1 to OM and consumption.
Lay on Hands +1d4 dam vs undead army, or heal ACR Hp on self by taking OM penalty.
Mercy Cure disease of one allied army at the end of battle.
Mounts: Heavy Horse +2 to OM and DV, +1 to consumption.
Ranged Weapons The army can make attacks during a Ranged phase. +1 to consumption.
Siegebreaker If damage enemy army, reroll OM to also destroy a siege engine.
Smite Evil (1/battle) +2 OM vs evil army (
4 if dragon or undead).
Sniper Support When deal melee damage, gain +2 damage.
Spellbreaker +4 DV vs. armies with Spellcasting.
Spellcasting (1st Level) Add highest spell level to OM and DV.
Standard Strategy No modifiers.
Taunt (DC 13) Army who fails morale check takes -2 OM and DV for 1 phase. Immune if succeed twice.
Triage (1/battle) -4 OM for one phase to heal 1/2 ACR in damage. Increase effectiveness of Healing Potions.

Mercenary Army

LG Large army of human (taldan) (Fighter 2)
hp 16; ACR 3; Morale +0 (Bravery: +1 vs. fear and routs.)
DV 14; OM +3
Resources Improved Armor: Masterwork
Special Bravery +1
Speed 2 Hex; Consumption 3 BP

Allied Armies

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