The armies of the demonic horde are vast and so are the individual enemies who would see the heroes of Kenabres fall. In times of war, no one woman or man can stand alone, strength comes from those you would call friend of ally. Those who will follow you into the depths of the Worldwound and stand shoulder to shoulder against the demonic blight.

Sword Brothers and Sisters

  • Anevia Tirabade – A victim of the great rent that opened across the plaza of St Clydwell, this young woman has shown valour and tenacity, despite suffering a severe injury to her legs. A skilled scout, Anevia is always looking to help the armies and heroes of the war with her small contributions.
  • Aravashnial – Also a victim of the St Clydwell plaza collapse, this elven man’s injuries are far worse than his associates. Hoping to help the dragon, Terendelev, in her battle against the Storm Lord, Khorramzadeh, he got too close and was lashed across the face with the balor’s fiery whip, destroying his eyes and sight immediately. Since then, he has proven to do whatever it takes to see Kenabres free of the demonic incursion, giving resources to those who can use them. With generosity of Queen Galfrey, he has had his eyesight restored.
  • Irabeth Tirabade – No stranger to battle, Irabeth was recently promoted in the Eagle’s Watch for discovering the treachery of Staunton Vhane. Despite not capturing him, she has been honoured city wide, something she is not comfortable with. Wife of Anevia Tirabade, she was overjoyed to see her wife returned and when a decision to strike the Grey Garrison was made, she knew that she could never ask someone to complete such a task if she was not willing to do it herself. She has proven to be a boon companion and fine swordswoman.


  • Chief Sull – Ruler of one of the many clans of “First Descendants” that live beneath Kenabres, this mongrel man is proud of his heritage and what his ancestors did in the first crusade. In this, he chose to rise from the depths of the city and fight alongside the remaining crusaders to make sure the demons do not claim it. He has shown to be a true ally of the crusade.
  • Quednys Orlun – The Head of Blackwing Library, he was one of the few survivors of its destruction. He has lent his not-insignificant power to helping the survivors set-up Defender’s Heart as a bastion of safety. When the intelligence came through on what Areelu Vorlesh planned to do with the Wardstone, it was he who first offered the agonising decision to destroy it. Knowing it was the right thing to do, he will still live with his decision to the end of his days, a heavy burden.
  • Horgus Gwerm – Grumpy, entitled and a bore, Horgus covered his state of fear with complete obnoxiousness. However, despite his demeanor, he has shown that he is not completely without compassion and has stepped up when needed, most recently, to open his stockpiles of weapons and armour to the desperate crusaders.
  • Aron Kir – Aron Kir has joined the Champions of Kenabres as an adviser and scout. He is skilled in battle tactics and has advanced knowledge of Drezen. He is an unassuming man with a haunted, tired look in his eyes. He is the partner to Sosiel Vaenic.
  • Sosiel Vaenic – Another adviser that was offered by Queen Galfrey, he is a Paladin of Shelyn. An expert in demonology and their various temptations, he is also a gifted healer and often eases tensions with his calm, friendly manner.
  • Nurah Dendiwhar – A female halfling bard, Nurah has spent the last couple of years with Queen Galfrey chronicling the war effort and raising the spirits of the armies with her impressive range of songs and ballads from all over Golarion. She has a lot of knowledge about pre-fall Drezen.

Legendary Heroes

  • Queen Galfrey – Ruler of Mendev and known as the Crusader Queen, the seemingly young human woman is over 100 years old and has led every crusade against the demon blight. Leading a person army of crusaders, she is constantly on the move, reinforcing armies when they are weakened and making strikes into the Worldwound when required.
  • Count Magnus Darcarus – Now deceased, but this paladin of Iomedae was considered one of the finest strategists of his generation. Part of the Triumvirate of Hope, he was a skilled diplomat as well, sometimes acting as Regent for Mendev when Queen Galfrey was called away for extended periods.
  • Fru Brynhild Eirensdottir – Also deceased, this ulfen oracle of Sarenrae was one of the most beloved figures in the crusade. Men cheered when her fiery winged form swooped down from above, mass healing the troops or making entire formations of demons disappear in holy flame. While now dead, she appears to have been elevated to Sarenrae’s side and act a both a messenger and guide to those left behind.
  • Lady Aspexia Wintrish – Lady Aspexia disappeared during the attack on Kenabres and while the assumption is that she perished, no true evidence has come to light. Truly one of the greatest paladins of her time, she fully encompassed the tenets of Iomedae with both fearless battle and deep compassion and devotion. It is said that she has single-handedly slain more demons than any other in the history of Golarion and that may be hard to argue. Yet, she also found time to lead crusades into recovering two major artefacts as well as save thousands of seemingly lost crusader armies that were stuck behind the enemy lines. Her loss is one of the greatest blows to the war effort, some would say, even more than losing Kenabres.



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