While the masses of the world imagine the demon blight has one huge, faceless horde of monsters, those who know, fear the individuals behind the armies, for they are the true terrors.

Personal Enemies

  • Areelu Vorlesh Witch, demon, destroyer of Sarkoris and architect of The Worldwound itself, this inhumanly beautiful woman now knows the faces of those who thwarted her plan to corrupt the Wardstone. To add insult to injury, she suffered terrible wounds from Fru Brynhild Eirensdottir‘s attack that channeled the hero’s mythic surge.
  • Ekira Corum Not all those who despise the heroes are demons or even evil. Ekira is a inquisitor of Iomedae and seems to have lost her way. Seeing enemies everywhere after seeing her master turn on the church and reveal himself to be a Cultist of Deskari, she now drowns her fractured mind in alcohol. After a run in with the heroes, and one of her command also being revealed as a traitor, she now is extremely paranoid and highly suspicious of the these newcomers to the city who seem to be involved with everything.

Enemies of the World

  • Aponavicius – A general in the armies of Deskari, this marilith has proven to be one of the most feared minds of the demon invasion, her leadership and tactics are now second to none after the death of Count Magnus Darcarus. her greatest victory was the taking of Drezen, a very important crusader city. She once met Lady Aspexia Wintrish in single combat and for the first time in her immortal life, had to flee, something that shames her greatly.
  • Deskari, Lord of the Locust Host – Deskari is the mastermind behind the entire invasion of Golarion. Once before he tried to invade and was slain by the then mortal, Aroden. This time, he has shown wiles and patience beyond his nature and with his powerful allies, stands on the edge of victory.
  • Khorramzadeh – The Storm King as he is known, due to the corona of electricity he has, is considered the most powerful individual to walk Golarion. His electrical might is so great, it can reduce a demon that displeases him to dust in an instant, despite their innate immunities. He lords over the lost city of Iz and despite his prowess, must still answer to Areelu Vorlesh. He is beleived responsible for the deaths of the Triumvirate of Hope.
  • Minagho – Not much is known about this demonic woman despite her name being widely known. What is known is that she rules the destroyed city of Raliscrad and corrupts and trains cultists for both Deskari and Baphomet.



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