Lords of Chaos - A Treatise on Demons

A steaming canyon boiling with tormented souls. A gnashing cleft more akin to a hungry mouth than sane terrain. A glass-lined pit smeared with blood and shot through with the promise of pain. A simple gash bubbling with noxious ooze and poison air. The entrances are as legion as the realms they unveil, and none are safe to approach, for despite their variety, they share one thing in common—a link to what truth was before sanity infected it. One should not lightly approach these Outer Rifts, for to gaze within is to invite ruin. This is where sin goes to die. It is where reality is consumed. This is the Abyss.

—From the Book of the Damned, “The Maw Eternal”

I, Aravashnial, mage, scholar and member of the exclusive Riftwardens, shall attempt to educate the brave but foolish who seek to rush head first into the maw of the Abyss without being armed with knowledge. Demons come in a wide range of sub-species, each with their own powers and weaknesses. As I learn, so shall you. Without further pretense, I impart my considerable knowledge of Demonkind to you so that your sword arm may swing another day. Remember, forewarned is to be forearmed.

Basic Knowledge

Shared Demon Traits

  • Immunity to Electricity
  • Immunity to Poison
  • Moderate Resistance to acid, cold & fire
  • Able to summon others when not blocked by powerful magic
  • Ability to speak Abyssal, Celestial and Draconic
  • Their natural weapons are consider chaotic and evil aligned.

Common Demon Traits

  • Resistance to non-magical and/or non-cold iron weapons

An Almanac of Demons


Abrikandilu.png This deformed, horned, hunchbacked humanoid has a forked, ratlike tail and two thumbs on each taloned hand.

Known as wrecker demons, abrikandilus delight in destroying beauty, be it the rending a fine painting to shreds, reducing a magnificent statue to rubble, or scarring a lovely face. Abrikandilus form from the souls of those who in life vandalized art or destroyed objects of beauty, particularly from those whose acts of destruction were born from jealousy. All abrikandilus loathe only one thing more than beauty-their own reflection . Curiously, the countenances of other abrikandilus do not vex a wrecker demon , but the sight of its own deformed shape drives it into a furious anger.

  • Casts Cause Fear
  • Destroys inanimate objects easily
  • Loathes the sight of own reflection
  • Bite creates hideous scars and wounds

An abrikandilu stands 4 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds.


Babau.png This emaciated figure looks like a horned human skeleton smothered within a bone-tight, red hide of slimy leather.

The babau is an assassin, a murderer, and a sadist—certainly not traits unusual in the demons, yet the babau’s penchant for stealth and surprise sets it apart from its generally less-subtle kin. With no need to eat (although most babaus relish the flavor of mortal meat on their thin, raspy tongues), a babau can wait in ambush for years or decades—their inhuman patience in anticipating a well-conceived murder also setting them apart from the other denizens of the Abyss. Babaus obsess over the act of killing and take great pride in their grisly art, often leaving behind some form of grim marker or obscure signature, whether it be a distinctive modus operandi, an unnerving token, or other profane evidence.

They form from mortal souls of lone killers—those who, in life, took pleasure in more personal and intimate murders. Loosed upon the Material Plane, a babau often finds itself in the same role, haunting the shadowy corners of the world as remorseless assassins.

  • Protective Slime – Acidic secretions over its body can harm attacker using unarmed and natural weapons. The acid can even eat away at any weapon that strikes it.
  • Strong resistance to non-cold or good weaponry
  • Moderate attack and sneak attack damage
  • Moderate spell resistance

A babau is 6 feet tall but weighs only 140 pounds.


Brimorak.png Standing just over three feet tall, this bestial humanoid wears filthy, tattered robes and has blue-gray skin decorated with strange, coiling stripes. Dark fur grows on its head and arms, and its feet end in burning hooves. Its eyes glow as red as the flaming sword it wields in one hand, and its breath fills the surrounding air with noxious gray smoke.

Although brimorak demons are generally limited to regions of the Abyss where fire and smoke hold sway, in those regions they are vast in number. Demon lords like Flauros use brimoraks as the primary infantry troops in Abyssal armies—although their command of fire makes them less effective against most fiends, they are particularly devastating against many other foes.

Brimoraks are small in stature, rarely standing over 3 feet in height, yet surprisingly strong for their size. Those who underestimate these demons often don’t live to learn of their errors, for brimoraks are quick to press the advantage against larger enemies after softening them up with fire magic. A brimorak’s dense musculature and bones result in unexpected weight as well—one of these creatures usually weighs nearly 200 pounds.

  • Boiling Blood – sprays on attackers
  • Immune to Fire / Electricity
  • Can cast fireballs, heat metal
  • Very perceptive
  • Can breath forth billowing, choking smoke.


Dretch.png This creature’s bloated frame shudders with each heaving step, yet despite its shape, the thing moves with surprising quickness.

Even the lowest demons of the Abyss are dangerous and filled with a driving need to spread ruin and dismay. The lowly dretch is as hideous and foul as it is cruel, even if it lacks the strength and power to realize its need to brutalize others in its native realm. The lot of the dretch’s existence is to serve more powerful demons as victims, and only the lucky few survive long enough to evolve.

  • Casts Cause Fear
  • Cast: Stinking Cloud
  • Weak claw and bite attacks
  • DR 5/cold iron or good

A dretch stands 4 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds.


Skin the color of thunderheads and wings made for soaring through the most violent winds mark this lean, cyclopic being as a master of terrible storms. The sound of shrieking wind emanates from its mouth full of needle-sharp teeth.

Hala demons are commonly known as storm demons. Bound to service by Pazuzu, these demons ride the winds across the Abyssal skies, lurk within dark and turbulent clouds, and act as his scouts and spies. Halas have a single, blood-red eye, an enormous mouth lined with razor-sharp teeth, and lengthy horns growing from their heads.

Hala demons form from covetous souls, those who desired the possessions of others so much so that they indulged in such acts as murder, theft, or blackmail. The more persons harmed by these desires, the more likely the soul is to become a hala in the Abyss.

  • Moderate DR against non-good, cold iron weapons
  • Weak melee attacks
  • Can summon hailstone and wind attacks.
  • When slain, explode in a powerful torrent of wind

A typical hala stands 7 feet tall, weighs 200 pounds, and possesses large wings that span 20 feet across.


This darkly handsome humanoid’s bat-like wings, curving horns, and bestial legs betray his demonic origin.

Exorius.png When not in battle, incubi serve as counselors, torturers, and companions for greater demons. They are also often conjured for similar roles by mortal spellcasters, although care must be taken in dalliances with incubi, for they delight in causing pain to their companions.

Like succubi, incubi form from the chaotic evil souls of particularly lustful and rapacious mortals. Yet whereas succubi are subtle and methodical about using their charms to cause ruin, the typical incubus is forthright and forceful about his insatiable desires.

Incubi stand between 6 and 6-1/2 feet tall and typically weigh 200 pounds.


Nabasu.png This lanky fiend’s mouth is filled with sharp fangs, while great bat-like wings stretch from its scaly hide.

Nabasus are formed from the souls of evil gluttons, especially cannibals and those who eat undead flesh. Unusually for a demon, it is birthed on the Material Plane rather than the Abyss. It lives a solitary life, and its goal is to transform as many living humanoids into ghouls as it can. It gains in power for each ghoul it creates, and when it has created enough ghouls it grows in size and is transported back to the Abyss. There they continue to grow, ultimately becoming fearsome vrolikai demons.

Nabasus worship the demon lord Xoveron as their patron are often also known as Death Demons.

  • Can cast Mass Hold Person, Enervation
  • Has a life draining gaze attack
  • Immune to Death Attacks
  • Moderate Spell Resistance


Demon__Schir.png This goat-headed humanoid is covered in a mangy gray hide that only partly covers its gaunt but muscled frame.

Also known as spite demons, schirs are among the most violent and vile-tempered inhabitants of the Abyss. Schirs are formed from the souls of mortals who either committed or framed others for heinous crimes—acts committed for the sole purpose of petty retribution. Despite such origins, schirs occupy one of the lowest orders in the demonic hierarchy, often serving as front-line infantry in demonic armies or as guards for minor demonic commanders. A schir gnaws constantly at the ends of its halberd. This infuses the blades with disease from the demon’s filthy spittle.

  • Can cause disease with the blade of its halberd.
  • Has a powerful charge ability with its horns
  • Can cast Protection from Good
  • Can see invisible creatures and arcane lock portals to keep victims trapped.

Schir demons are 7 feet tall, though they usually stoop and so appear shorter, and weigh 300 pounds.

Shadow Demon

Eustoyriax.png Only this shadowy bat-winged demon’s teeth and claws have any sense of physicality to them—the rest is lost in darkness.

Tales of demonic possession are common, used often by the ignorant to explain strange or violent behavior. While the majority of such cases are merely manifestations of madness or derangement, those that are legitimate possessions are often the work of shadow demons.

Unlike many demons, shadow demons are incorporeal. When a particularly envious and evil mortal soul is pulled into the Abyss, it is transformed, split apart, and combined with other souls until what emerges is little more than jealous malevolence without the impediment of a physical body.

  • Possess victims with Magic Jar
  • Low to Moderate Spell Resistance
  • Speed – Can sprint up to 240’ in a round
  • Incorporeal
  • Low to Moderate Melee Attacks


Kiranda.png Tiny horns, bat-like wings, and a sinuous tail betray the demonic nature of this alluring woman.

Succubi dwell primarily in the depth of the Abyss, particularly the Midnight Isles, the layer ruled by their mother and patroness, Nocticula. Despite this, they are not uncommon on the Material Plane where they enjoy sowing chaos with their manipulations. Succubi savor the sweet taste of a mortal’s life-force and possess the ability to drain it with their infamous soul-sucking kisses. Despite their relative physical weakness when compared with other demonic races such as hezrous or glabrezus, they can achieve very high ranks amongst the fiendish hierarchy thanks to their complex machinations, and many abyssal conflicts have started thanks to their subtle, scheming influences. Succubi tend to be created from the souls of particularly lustful and rapacious mortals, damned to the Abyss.

  • Can cast Dominate
  • Shape Change at will
  • Energy Drain through acts of passion
  • Moderate Spell Resistance


Vermlek.png A corpulent man reels on his feet as if drunk, but a closer inspection reveals the horrific truth—he’s not so much reeling as he is seething from within, as if his internal organs were coiling and writhing like a knot of greased snakes. Suddenly, with a hideous retching and tearing sound, the man’s face blooms out like a rotten flower and a pallid, five-jawed worm extrudes itself from the ragged hole in the neck where, only a moment before, a head sat.

The hideous vermlek demon is one of the lower-ranking members of the demon race, barely above the dretch in power but remarkably more ambitious and intelligent than its pudgy lesser kin. They wriggle and crawl in nauseating numbers in many Abyssal battlefields or graveyards, impatiently awaiting a chance to find a humanoid body to inhabit. Outside of a host body, a vermlek appears like a fatheaded worm with four long tails, each of which ends in a wriggling nest of long filaments. In this form, the vermlek cannot wield weapons, and its bite and spell-like abilities are its only offensive options.

  • Casts Inflict Mass Wounds spells to heal themselves and hurt enemies
  • Wears dead bodies as armour – can cast it off to heal themselves, devouring the body as they do.
  • Cannot wield weapons in their natural form

A typical vermlek is 7 feet long (with its filaments giving it a further 3 feet of length) and weighs 90 pounds.


Vrock.png A cloud of spores and a trail of feathers surrounds this twisted cross between a man and a gigantic vulture.

Profane champions of the Abyss, vrocks embody all the rage, hatred, and violence of that despicable realm. As ravenous and grotesquely opportunistic as the scavengers they resemble, vrocks delight in bloodshed, relishing the sounds and sensations of ripping the still-pulsing entrails from a living husk.

  • Can perform a Dance of Ruin
  • Has a screech that can stun those who hear it.
  • Can emit a cloud of spores that sink into flesh and grow into painful vines.
  • Moderate Spell Resistance

A typical vrock stands 8 feet tall and weighs 400 pounds.

Demon Lords



Lords of Chaos - A Treatise on Demons

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