The clash of sword on shield is my song. I am in your armour, your blade. Strike at your foes and I will guide your hand, for I thirst only for battle.

Said to have been born from the first battles between humans and orcs, Gorum appears as a suit of spiked plate armor with blazing red eyes. Though claimed variously by half-orcs, humans, and orcs as one of their own, the god cares nothing for these divisions except insofar as they relate to battle and strife. He believes in strength and power, the verdict of the sword, and the music of clashing iron. He does not favor good or evil, only the joy of conflict, and the only right he confers is the right of mortals to fight for their next breath.

As long as people struggle against themselves and each other, Gorum’s teachings live on. The greatest moments in a Gorumite’s life are those spent locked in close quarters, with every moment threatening annihilation—all else is dull and dreary. His alignment is chaotic neutral, his favored weapon is the greatsword, and his domains are Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, and War.



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