Thorncrown of Iomedae


Shards of broken metal pierce this splintered wooden circlet, as though it were once part if a helmet that violently shattered.


  • The Thorncrown of Iomedae functions as a major crown of blasting that grants the wearer a deflection bonus to her Armor Class equal to her Charisma modifier. In the hands of a paladin, the Thorncrown reveals its true powers, bursting into flames and spinning above the wearer’s head in a halo of divine power.
  • Paladins of any faith who wear the Thorncrown have their class abilities enhanced for as long as they wear it, gaining three additional mercies (from levels they have access to but have not selected), healing the maximum amount possible every time they use lay on hands, and gaining a number of additional uses of smite evil equal to their Charisma modifier.
  • Additionally, if a paladin wearing the Thorncrown is slain, she may choose to instantly be restored to full hit points for a number of minutes equal to her Charisma modifier. She may act as normal for this period, but at the end of this time she dies and cannot be restored by any means short of a miracle cast by a cleric of her faith.


This remnant of Iomedae’s last mortal steps before ascension has been lost to the church for decades. It has been in the hands of the Pathfinder Society who refused to hand it over to the church as they believed it held a clue to the test of the Starstone.

No-one seems to know how Lady Aspexia Wintrish got her hands upon it, but it is suspected she waited until it fell into the hands of the Shadowlodge, a faction of the Pathfinder society who are known for being less than scrupulous with power and artifacts. Most likely, she struck at the heart of the lodge, a den of assassins hidden away in Varisia. The fact that this lodge has gone quiet recently lends credence to the theory.

It now sits proudly on Aspexia’s head and combined with Aroden’s Shield, some even suspect that she may attempt to take the Test of the Starstone after the war with Iomedae’s blessing.

Like the Shield of Aroden, Lady Aspexia Wintrish’s apparent death as meant that the holy artefact is now missing and possibly in the hands of the demonic horde, a severe blow to the church of Iomedae, even above the death of one of their champions.

Thorncrown of Iomedae

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